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What Is Sonoma Property Preservation?

What Is Sonoma Property Preservation?

Property preservation in Sonoma is the process of rehabilitating a damaged, abandoned, foreclosed property to get it back into marketable condition. It thus involves safeguarding, protecting, and doing necessary repairs to get it back in good condition. The rise of the real estate owned properties combined with a struggling economy has created a surplus of vacant and abandoned houses. These houses are left in poor, unmaintained and even unmarketable conditions. The rise of these decaying houses has led to the growth of preservation services.

Some of the Services Offered by Property Preservation Companies Include:

1. Securing the Property – One of the most essential methods in preserving the Sonoma property is security. It is therefore the companies’ job to change the door locks according to the lenders orders or according to safety regulations. Aside from locks in the door, securing the property includes changing padlocks, lock boxes, and board ups to secure the overall dimensions of the house. If the house as a swimming pool, the area is also secured according to strict protocol.

2. Cleaning the House – Property preservation also means cleaning all the mess that was left in the house. Some of the mess that are usually present in foreclosed houses include:
o Dead Animals or Plants Personal Items
o Debris o Hazardous material(s)
o Unused Machinery

These are just some of the things that need to be removed. Virtually anything is cleaned from the house to ensure that it gets back into marketable shape.

3. Winterization – Winterization involves modifying the house to prepare it for winter. The process involves keeping pipes dry from water to prevent it from freezing. Thus pipes are thoroughly drained and sealed to avoid it from bursting up.

4. Lawn Maintenance – The property’s lawn will constantly be maintained depending on the rate established by the client. Usually, lawn services are done once or twice a month to ensure that the house lawn will still look attractive.

5. Janitorial/Sales Clean – The house will also require some thorough janitorial cleaning. Parts of the house that require this cleaning attention are bedrooms and bathrooms. They are carefully sanitized according to the rules and regulations of property preservation. Some of the janitorial cleaning would include vacuuming, mopping, brushing, and sweeping.

6. Snow Removal – Aside from winterization, snow removal is also offered by property preservation businesses. This is evident that the industry offers whole year-long property protection and rehabilitation.

7. Photographs – Before doing the mentioned services above, properties must thoroughly be photographed so the client will know what kind of services the property requires based on its present condition. Photos after the services are done will also be sent to the client.

Those are some of the services involved in the business of Sonoma property preservation. Depending on the needs of the property or request of your client, your work order can include any of the services mentioned above. You need to have the right materials and personnel in order to deliver quality maintenance and preservation services to your clients.

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